Shops, markets, department stores, malls and shopping streets in Brussels, Belgium.

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Shopping in Brussels Belgium

Brussels (Bruxelles) is the capital of Belgium and the administrative center of the European Union, it is also called the capital of Europe. Brussels is a shopper's paradise, you will find many cosy shops and boutiques with all the international, reputable brands. Or all the major brands have their own shop. To name a few: Armani, Valentino, Ralph Lauren (clothing), Breitling, Rolex, Patek Philippe (watches and jewellery), Ferrari, Aston Martin, Range Rover and many, many more.

You can shop in Brussels for every budget. You'll find dozens of vintage shops and fashion outlets, for example in the Marolles, pop-up shops of new designers in the Flemish district and wonderful antique shops around the Jeu de Balle.

Shops in Brussels

This site is about the shops, markets, department stores, malls and shopping streets in Brussels.

The shops in Brussels are divided by category:
fashion, men's or women's fashion: dresses, suites, jackets, shoes, belts, ties, caps & hats, scarves, bags & wallets and lingerie
jewellery & fashion accessories: handmade accessories, rings & bracelets, watches and eyewear & sunglasses
perfumes & colognes: giftsets, bath & body, scented candles and aerosols

Shopping streets Brussels

Antoine Dansaertstraat, Rue Neuve, Avenue Louise, Grote Zavel, Blaesstraat, Nieuwstraat, Louizalaan and Waterloolaan. In these quarters you will find the coziest clothing shops and boutiques: de Dansaertwijk, de Sint-Jacobswijk, de Zavelwijk, de Marollen, de Europese wijk, Elsene en Matonge.

Tip: Brussels has several trendy restaurants and brasseries where you can have a brunch, lunch, dinner or a drink when you are shopping: